I found yoga through my local gym when I was in middle school. I loved how energized and clear-headed I felt when I got off my mat. I soon began to deepen my yoga practice, learning more about meditation and practicing pranayama off the mat to decrease my anxiety.

I trained with the inimitable Daniel Max and Magi Pierce at JP Centre Yoga and studied anatomy with structural integrator Marc Drobnick.

I design my flow classes intentionally, building postures from the ground up and creating a space for yogis to connect to and learn from their inner guides. I lead a playful and meditative class for yogis of all levels.

I am inspired by Magi Pierce, Daniel Max, punk rock music, Mark Rothko, the chakra system, moon cycles, and ayurveda.

Weekly Schedule


5:45 pm

All-levels Vinyasa Flow

Beacon Hill Yoga


5:45 pm

Heated Vinyasa Flow

Beacon Hill Yoga

Punk Rock Yoga

Sunday, April 24

1pm — 3pm

Beacon Hill Yoga

A yoga workshop for anarchists, musicians, and alternative yogis of all levels. You will learn how to utilize yoga and mindfulness to detoxify, increase physical stamina, and deepen (or begin) your yoga practice to a punk rock playlist. Engage yourself in the true anarchy that is finding your inner guide and walking down your own path. My intention is for you to leave the workshop feeling cleansed, creative, and profoundly grounded in your sense of self AND with the tools to manifest these feelings at any given time in the future. And maybe with some nostalgia for forgotten punk songs.

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Workshop Offerings

Contact me for pricing and availability if you are interested in setting up a workshop.

Green room yoga

For touring and Boston-based musicians looking to incorporate wellness on the road or before a show! I’ll work with you to alleviate some of the pain that comes up when playing certain instruments. We’ll stretch out your hamstrings and build core strength to counteract sitting in a van for long periods of time. We’ll work through twists to detox some of the beer and convenience food you may rely on. We’ll work on grounding techniques and poses to help stay rooted and present in the midst of all the chaos and movement of tour. All of this built into an all-levels vinyasa flow class. Available for anything from a 30 to 90 minute session.

Sorority yoga

Come together as a sisterhood to build positive energy through yoga. We’ll flow to an upbeat tempo and work through some of the stressors of being a college student. We’ll use intention to connect with ourselves and to each other.

Shabbat & High Holiday yoga

Flow through yoga postures with intention rooted in the themes of this week’s Torah portion or the upcoming High Holiday. I will take the time to study the teachings and weave them into an all levels vinyasa flow, ending in a themed Savasana.

Corporate yoga

Counteract the effects of sitting at a desk all day with a lunch-time, morning, or after-work yoga class for your employees. Look forward to more alert and efficient employees as we work through mindfulness techniques and postural alignment.

Private Sessions

I can work individually with students of all skill levels and abilities for your specific goals. Contact me for pricing and availability.